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Review of “The Resolution For Men” Book

There is a very subtle but significant difference between calling men to fulfil “their potential” and calling men to fulfil “their responsibility”. The former, though it sounds good, is self-centred – whereas the latter, is “Christ-centred”. This book does not call men to be the best they can be as husbands and fathers, as much as it calls men to do simply what God has called them to do. Yes, it is a high calling, and a huge responsibility, yet as the authors make clear – God will never call us to do something He doesn’t promise to give us the ability to carry out!

I have read many books on manhood/fatherhood, and this one tops the lot. Why? Simply because it deals head on with the root of the issues we face as men, from a Biblical perspective. Then it proceeds to deal with those issues, at the root, in Biblical and practical ways.

The book does not present (as some reviewers suggest) a list of “got to’s” for us Christian men. If that’s the way you feel as you start to read, then God will probably not get through. But if you have a heart to be the man God has called you to be, and if you desire to do what He has called you to do – you will see the contents of this book as a list of “get to’s”. I “get to” lead my family, in God’s strength, and the consequences are far reaching if I fail to step up in this area.

Some books point the reader to the author. Some books point the reader to themselves. Some books point the reader to the content alone. ‘The Resolution For Men’ points people to Christ. it is only through a relationship with Christ, living in dependence upon Him, that any man can hope to fulfil God’s will for his life.

This is a book that requires an initial reading, and then a slow pondering chapter by chapter, to allow the Scriptural truths to be worked into our lives. The book points to Scripture constantly, as it’s primary source of authority – if it didn’t what would be the point?

Thankfully it is not a watered down, psychologically infused message that can apply to any man with or without Christ. The Kendrick brothers have done an awesome job, and have produced a book that I consider to be a timely and prophetic call to men, to rescue them from the direction in which many Christian men are going.

I am a Christian husband and father. I fail all the time, and battle with discouragement, frustration and defeat. Yet, thanks to godly brothers in the Lord, and men like Stephen and Alex Kendrick, I am encouraged to get up again, to keep moving forward, and to keep my eyes on Christ.

Read this book if you are a Christian man – you will NOT be disappointed, unless you have no desire to fulfil God’s will, in God’s way, in God’s strength for God’s glory.


Reading “The Resolution For Men” book (from the Kendrick brothers who wrote/produced the “Courageous” movie), and I love the phrase they came up with regarding how we are to practically love our wives, and meet their needs – we are to ANTICIPATE & INITIATE. Very simple, very profound, and if we as husbands can implement this by the grace of God, it will make our marriages all the more sweeter and glorifying to God. Go ahead and try – anticipate some need your wife has, and before she tells you, go ahead and initiate yourself – you will be blessed and so will she!!! You can get the book here for less than NZ$19.00 shipped to your front door