father-and-son1As I was reading Proverbs chapter 7 recently  something really jumped out at me.  We see in the beginning of this proverb the following phrases – “My son, keep my words”, “treasure my commands”, “keep my law” etc. In verse 4 these sayings are summarised as being the gaining of wisdom. It’s not just Proverbs 7 that says these things, as similar phrases are repeated all throughout the book of Proverbs. What concerns me, is that something the book of Proverbs assumes upon, is sadly something that in our day and age is extremely rare. As fathers, how many of us are regularly, consistently and intentionally giving our sons words to keep, commands to obey and laws to keep? This speaks of a father who is constantly training his son to navigate through this world, by consistently interpreting daily life through the lens of Scripture, and passing on relevant commands, instruction and guidelines as appropriate.  May we as believing fathers give ourselves entirely to this task, so that we are never responsible for raising young men who are “devoid of understanding”, as mentioned later in Proverbs  chapter 7. Lord please give us the conviction, and the grace to be fathers who train our sons in godly wisdom for Your glory. 


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