Tedd Tripp on Parenting & The Gospel

We had Tedd Tripp here in Christchurch this past weekend for the “Shepherding The Heart” conference. Tedd’s teaching is so gospel/Christ centered and is always full of clear Biblical instruction that helps us as parents to shepherd our children’s hearts. This is always more effective than attempting to just manage behaviour –  I cannot commend it enough. Here is a clip from YouTube where Tedd explains the importance of the centrality of the Gospel in parenting…


On The Subject Of Internet Preachers…

[Apologies for repost – link was not working in last version]. Here is a very thought provoking and I believe timely post – http://theblazingcenter.com/2015/03/god-doesnt-want-matt-chandler-to-be-your-pastor.html

For the record, this is not a post against the ministry of Matt Chandler, who’s teaching ministry I am personally very blessed by. In fact, check out one of Matt Chandler’s messages, and you will see a great intro he has, on the importance of his teaching being supplementary  to local church teaching and the ministry of local church pastors.