Family Interviews with Local Families to be Screened at ENGAGE 2015…

IMG_1480One of the unique aspects of the ENGAGE 2015 conference this year, will be short video clips we are putting together featuring interviews with local families in ChCh.

Here are some photos of our first video shoot last night with the Theropoulos family, Ash (the techy/film-making guru) and my daughter Sarah “learning the ropes”.


This also provides a great opportunity for discipleship and family ministry whenever we can encourage our children to serve alongside in this way.



Registrations Close in just 10 Days for ENGAGE 2015…..

keep-calm-only-10-days-to-go-5Our family had the privilege this past weekend of attending a Family Discipleship conference in the North Island – very similar to what Engage 2015 will be. It reminded us of how important this is for our own family – to get refocused – and to have such encouragement both both from the teaching, and the fellowship with other people there. We’ve had a great response to Engage 2015 so far, with over 120 adults, young adults and children registered, but there’s till 10 days until registrations close.  Check out this short clip from my interview with Kevin Swanson to hear his response as to what a blessing these conferences can be for our families. For more info or to register – please visit

Pre-Conference Interview With Scott Brown (NCFIC) for ENGAGE 2015.

I had the privilege of speaking with Scott Brown the other day, for our last pre-conference interview for ENGAGE 2015. Scott is the director of the NCFIC (National Centre for Family Integrated Churches), and is also a local church pastor and author. We touched on many subjects in regard to Family Discipleship, Home Education, and the Great Commission – I hope you find it encouraging. For more info on ENGAGE 2015, or to register – please visit

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