Guys please pass this onto your wives….

This is a pre-conference interview with home-educating mom and author, Kelly Crawford. The interview was recorded 2 July 2015. Kelly will be sharing live via skype at the upcoming ENGAGE 2015 Family Discipleship & Home-Education Conference, here in Christchurch, NZ on 14-15 August. For more info on the conference visit For more info on Kelly Crawford visit Thanks Kelly for being willing to speak with us!

In this interview my wife Becky asks Kelly the following questions…

1. Tell us a bit about the dynamics of your family – how long have you been married, and how many children and their ages?

2. Have you always home educated your children? What were your main reasons for deciding to home educate?

3. I watched one of your sessions from the Christian Heritage conference in 2014. In that, you gave the encouragement that as home-educating mums we are discipling the nations. With that in mind, what do you consider to be the most important principles to help us raise followers of Christ more than academic achievers?

4. As home-educating mums, it can be really difficult to get solitude with the Lord. I know for myself early in the morning before the children are up mostly works – but during seasons of pregnancy and babies it can almost seem impossible to get enough sleep, let alone time with the Lord. How do you manage those seasons?

5. Many women today feel so pressured to find their identity in some vocation outside of the home – and even within the church, it seems motherhood is being valued less and less – especially when one chooses to be “just” a full-time mum. What encouragement can you give to mums in this role, and also those who would like to be, but are struggling to make this choice?

6. Can you share 2 or 3 mistakes you have made as a home-educating mum, that maybe we don’t have to make?

7. What do you consider are some of the greatest blessings in being able to home-educate our children? Tell us some things that for you makes it all worth it?

8. What is the most out of the box/craziest/fun home-educating activity you have done?


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