A Really GOOD News Story….

Check out this news story about a father who quit his US$13 million baseball contract because his manager said his son was spending too much time with his dad at the clubhouse.
Praise God for examples like this – we need more of them!!!!




Abortion, the Hard Truth

Even professing Christians in our day, can feel a little “awkward” stating that we are against abortion, or that abortion is in fact murder. Though there have been some extreme and wrong reactions from Christians to abortionists, and those who have had abortions, the fact remains that as believers, we MUST stand up for life, and stand against abortion. Below is a video by a Dr who used to perform abortions (over 1200), in which he describes in detail, with animation, how a second trimester abortion is carried out. It is very disturbing, but in animation form, this may be something (with discretion) you can show to your children, to ensure they are not vague or uninformed about this issue. Here in New Zealand, there were 13,137 abortions performed during 2014, which means 13,137 children were murdered. Consider as a family, how you might be able to reach out to women considering abortion.

For a link which features other similar videos, and animations of 1st and 3rd trimester abortions – click here.