Following the ENGAGE 2016 conference here in ChCh, a random thought led to an email, which led to a generous offer of the use of a church to host a condensed version of ENGAGE 2016 in the city of Dunedin.

Thanks to the Gonen family, who helped with preparation on the ground in Dunedin, a team of 14 made the trip last weekend, and we had a blessed time. We arrived on the Friday night, went straight into the city and had some time sharing the gospel on the streets. Next we set up the venue for the conference the following morning. It was a small group of people, but our interest is not the number of people, but the responsiveness and willingness to be encouraged and equipped to live wholeheartedly for Christ in the areas of Family Discipleship, The Local Church & Evangelism. Here’s some feedback we received from people who attended, followed by a photo update of our time in Dunedin. Thanks so much to those of you who supported us in prayer – much appreciated – to God be the glory!!!


“…thanks a million for organising the conference today. It was brilliant, and a word in season for all I’m sure….certainly enjoyed it. We were refreshed, challenged and excited…” 

“It was lovely to be able to come on Saturday to hear you speak (talking about Tehila Gonen’s message to the mothers/ladies), you did very well and you’re very easy to listen to. I could hear your heart. I appreciated what you said about sowing generously and reaping generously, that really encouraged me. I am sure I will have PLENTY of opportunities to practice what you spoke about!!! 🙂 That was great that those families could put in so much work and come down just to bless us. I enjoyed being able to just sit still and concentrate 🙂 and wasn’t the worship lovely”.

“I really appreciated the reminder to be engaged, to wake up, from Kris’s first talk 🙂  It has challenged me to be less slack, to pay attention to my kids and to be more intentional about my walk with God”.

“I would like to thank each and everyone who was involved to make this very special Engage conference in Dunedin possible!!! …I believe for me and my family this day will have a life changing effect.  I came back so very much encouraged and shared everything with my husband…. It opened a new world to us. We are also especially grateful for the resources and literature we could take with us. On the next night Bart and I read one of the books I had purchased there…and we feel like there is HOPE in the dark jungle of parenting. We were at a point where we really did not enjoy our children anymore, but we lacked wisdom. But now we understand that there is hope to raise godly children and that the wisdom for it is very practical in the word of God. Also FINALLY we have found people who are a lot further than us and we can learn from, get advice, encouragement from for this path. We are a Belgian- German family of 5. our kids are almost 5, 3 and 1 and the idea of home educating them is quite new to us….but considering what we’ve learned on Saturday: That there comes good fruit from wise choices – it gives us joy and hope. …I had never heard of the concept of family integrated church and my husband and I really are impressed and interested. Because we are searching the old paths, the Godly path, as we know this is always the most blessed way! So again: THANK you all so much for investing your time and energy into this important ministry!!!”
Hitting the city to share the gospel!
Sharing the gospel on the streets the day before the conference.
Chris V in action!
Andy explaining the law and gospel.
Handing out tracts.
Outside the venue.
The Venue for ENGAGE Dunedin.
The sign-in team.
Winslades on worship.
Attendees in worship.
Kris making some sort of point!
Our Dunedin attendees.
Evangelism Bootcamp!!!
Fellowship time between sessions.
Tehila sharing with the ladies.
Tehila Gonen teaching on marriage.
Glen Richards teaching on Evangelism.
Watching the Skype messages.

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