Wow, wow, wow – what a blessed day at the A & P show today. Such a privilege to spend the whole day sharing the gospel with my 4 eldest children, Andy, Matt and John. So many had never heard the gospel before, and there was such a good response to the message. My personal highlight was this precious young teenage girl Jess, who totally “got” the message, with tears coming to her eyes when I shared what Christ had done for her (after going through the law, and her admitting her sin and guilt) saying it was “amazing”. Although her friends were standing around, she listened intently and fully embraced the gospel – something she said she had never heard before. This was such an encouragement to me in how we are to trust God to do the work of salvation, rather than try to “seal the deal” ourselves. It was like the Lord opened Jess’ heart, to heed the gospel – and she believed unto salvation – praise God! Here’s a short video about our day – hope it encourages you!


One thought on “Sharing the Gospel at the A & P Show

  1. Hallelujah what a savior in Christ Jesus we have I am so encouraged by your family what a blessing that you all share the gospel I wish my family and I we’re with you guys as well the joint hand-in-hand to proclaim the gospel to all Jesus Christ Sheep. Continue the work it will grow in God’s timing but glory be to his name forever and ever through Christ Jesus I know we don’t know you and you don’t know us but I will pray for you and your family to continue in proclaiming the gospel we love you guys our family in Christ Jesus God’s peace be upon you all.

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