It’s approaching the end of another year, so it’s a great time to plan ahead and think/decide how you will be reading your Bible in 2017. Will you be following a plan? Have you done that in the past? Do you often start well and get shipwrecked somewhere along the way? I would suggest that in order to get the most out of your Bible reading in 2017 you make a real effort to be diligent, and realistic.

Being diligent means that you will think ahead enough to actually have a plan – otherwise you will be more likely to aimlessly flip from section to section, and more likely to skip reading altogether. Being realistic means that you plan according to the realities in your life and schedule. Are you a morning reader or a night-time reader? Is your schedule consistent, affording you a methodical, consistent approach, or is it a varied schedule that requires a backup plan to realistically get through your Bible reading?

I recently came across this plan – a 5-day a week plan that takes you through the entire Bible in a year, in chronological order. I have always wanted to read through the Bible chronologically (I think I did it once before but I can’t remember!), so this is the plan I will be going with this year.

For the last several years I haven’t really followed a formal plan of reading, but have continued daily (yes some missed days along the way!) going verse by verse, book by book (not necessarily in order). Here are some other Bible plans you may find helpful. Remember at the end of the day, it’s not so important what plan you are on, but more that you are  in God’s Word consistently.

Lastly, always avoid the trap of thinking of your daily devotional time in the Word with a “tick box” mentality, as if it’s being done because that’s the thing you are supposed to do. Instead, cultivate an attitude in which you remind yourself that you haven’t got to read God’s Word – rather, you get to. Enjoy your Bible reading in 2017 – and remember when you open the Bible – God opens His mouth.

photo credit: amanky Words via photopin (license)


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