How Children are Left Out in a Family Integrated Church.

children_in_church_small_600_406Here’s some really helpful insight, and advice from Scott Brown (director of the National Centre for Family Integrated Churches), addressing the issue of our interaction or non-interaction with our children during church gatherings. The context is within a family integrated church, but the principles can be applied in various situations. Here’s is Scott’s exhortation…We ought to be far more caring for our children. We should love them enough to engage them. I realize it takes more work to engage them… it requires forethought and actual love for parents to be sensitive of their presence. 

To read the article in its entirety along with the practical tips, please click here.


Interview with Jeff Durbin

krisjeffJeff Durbin from Apologia Church was in town recently for an evangelism conference. He also preached at our church the following Sunday so after our meeting, I interviewed Jeff, and have posted the videos below. Jeff answered questions on Family Discipleship, the Local Church, and  Evangelism. The questions were asked with specific regard to Jeff’s role as both a pastor AND a father. I hope you enjoy the videos…