Our Mission – Why We Exist

To help Christians understand, embrace, and devote their lives to God’s eternal purpose within the local church and the family – for the glory of God.

Our Activity- What We Do…

1. Produce teachings, study materials, and resources that help to facilitate our mission and purpose.

2. Promote relevant content from other ministries and teachers.

3. Provide counseling, support, mentoring and discipleship opportunities for believers.

4. Present conferences, workshops, small groups and other events that help to facilitate our mission and purpose.

5. Proclaim God’s Word through speaking/teaching at churches, Bible colleges, conferences and various events.

Our People – Who We Are…

IMG_4826EPM is a certified non-profit ministry, that operates in association with Redemption Church Christchurch. The ministry is overseen and directed by Kris Baines (founding pastor of Redemption Church) with the assistance of his wife Becky and their older children. Kris and his family are based in Leeston, Canterbury and are very privileged to have the support of their local church family, along with other brothers and sisters in Christ who assist and serve alongside them in the ministry of EPM. Kris is also available to speak at churches, conferences, and events – please contact us for more info.