2018 Bible Reading Plans!

What Is YOUR Bible Reading Plan for 2018?

At this time of year, many believers select a Bible Reading plan to help them stay consistent in God’s Word throughout the year. I have tried various plans over the years, and at times have just read through at a pace that suited the season of life I was in.

Whatever plan we use, if we use one, it is important that our reading of God’s Word is systematic and consistent. It’s never helpful to be making decisions on the fly about what passage or chapter we will read. If we don’t keep our reading systematic, at least going through an entire book at a time, we are more likely to read much that is out of context, and possibly draw wrong conclusions from the text.

Being consistent simply means that we are reading God’s Word regularly, so that we have a steady diet of our “daily” bread. For some, this works best first thing in the morning (before we get distracted by other “stuff”), for others, it works best last thing before we go to bed – each to their own!


The NCFIC (National Centre for Family Integrated Churches) has begun a new initiative this year, called Read2018, based on the “Journey Through the Bible” book I mentioned in the last email.

Basically, they are encouraging families to read through the Bible together, during 2018. This is no small task, but it’s not as daunting as some may think. On average it would take between 20-40 mins per day, to read through the entire Bible.

This may be something you want to do as an individual, with your family, or both! If it’s too difficult to read the entire Bible, you could just follow the OT or NT sections of the plan.

The NCFIC have developed a very helpful website – www.Read2018.com, which also functions as a web-app on smart phones. On this site/app the reading plan is already established each day, so you know where you are at, and you can also click on the text for commentary, or make your own notes.

At the end of each week, Scott Brown does a 20 min webinar video with a different pastor, and they comment/reflect on the previous week’s readings. Click on the image below to view the first webinar for 2018…

Isn’t it too late to start???? Not at all, you could simply pick up from today, or tomorrow, and then flow into 2019 to finish off.

Initially, I had decided I would do this on my own, as I thought for our family with 8 children, it would be too much to read through together. Well, that changed as my children all seemed keen on the idea – so we took the challenge!

What I noticed was that the children help to keep me accountable! Maybe it’s the multiple OCD and perfectionist traits we have in our family, I’m not sure – but they love the consistency 🙂

Also, as they take turns to read through large chunks of text, (even the 3 and 5 year olds – repeating words after me), there is a real flow, and everyone seems quite engaged. We will see how we go – if we can’t maintain the entire Bible, we will just do the New Testament, but I hope, Lord willing, we can keep it going. There are few things as precious, and eternally fruitful as spending time together in God’s Word.

Anyway, this may not be for you, but I would highly encourage you all to make sure you have something established this year, to keep you and your family consistent in God’s Word.

Something you may find helpful, is an article that Scott Brown wrote titled “10 Tips For Reading The Bible As A Family in 2018” (click title to go to article).

Lastly, here are some other Bible Reading Plans you may consider…

– 5 Day-a-Week Plan
– How To Change Your Mind Plan
– A Bunch of Other Plans
– The Robert Murray M’Cheyne (RMM) Plan

Remember, the key is not in finding the right plan but in using the plan that you find !

Thanks for reading!

Kris Baines 
Director, Eternal Purpose Ministries.


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Journey Through The Bible – New Resource!


Scott Brown (Director of the NCFIC) has just completed a Family Worship resource titled, “Journey Through the Bible”. Here’s what he has to say about it…

Journey Through the Bible came about from our family worship times as we read the Bible together as a family.

As our children were growing up, our family made it our practice to read the Bible from cover to cover. We did this for many years. Some of our children learned to read by reading progressively more words as we read the Bible together.

We took turns reading going around the circle. The little ones would repeat one or two words that we coached them to pronounce. Those who could read would read one to five verses and the best readers would read five verses each. We would read around four chapters per day, usually in the morning.

As each year passed, I kept adding to a document which contained introductory information about each book. I used this document to give my family background information for each book and to record the things I felt were important about it. By the time our children were adults, I had over 400 pages of notes. These notes documented the following kinds of information:

  • The historical context of each book of the Bible.
  • The questions I asked them.
  • An explanation of the meaning of each book.
  • A list of the important matters of each book.
  • A list of key memory verses.
  • A basic outline of each book

This book is a compilation of these notes as well as notes I collected as I studied these books on my own and as I preached through them over the years.


Watch the video below for more info…


How will YOU read the Bible in 2017?


It’s approaching the end of another year, so it’s a great time to plan ahead and think/decide how you will be reading your Bible in 2017. Will you be following a plan? Have you done that in the past? Do you often start well and get shipwrecked somewhere along the way? I would suggest that in order to get the most out of your Bible reading in 2017 you make a real effort to be diligent, and realistic.

Being diligent means that you will think ahead enough to actually have a plan – otherwise you will be more likely to aimlessly flip from section to section, and more likely to skip reading altogether. Being realistic means that you plan according to the realities in your life and schedule. Are you a morning reader or a night-time reader? Is your schedule consistent, affording you a methodical, consistent approach, or is it a varied schedule that requires a backup plan to realistically get through your Bible reading?

I recently came across this plan – a 5-day a week plan that takes you through the entire Bible in a year, in chronological order. I have always wanted to read through the Bible chronologically (I think I did it once before but I can’t remember!), so this is the plan I will be going with this year.

For the last several years I haven’t really followed a formal plan of reading, but have continued daily (yes some missed days along the way!) going verse by verse, book by book (not necessarily in order). Here are some other Bible plans you may find helpful. Remember at the end of the day, it’s not so important what plan you are on, but more that you are  in God’s Word consistently.

Lastly, always avoid the trap of thinking of your daily devotional time in the Word with a “tick box” mentality, as if it’s being done because that’s the thing you are supposed to do. Instead, cultivate an attitude in which you remind yourself that you haven’t got to read God’s Word – rather, you get to. Enjoy your Bible reading in 2017 – and remember when you open the Bible – God opens His mouth.

photo credit: amanky Words via photopin (license)