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“Our churches should not be places where adults cannot wait to put the children away.” – Albert Mohler

Some profound words from Albert Mohler – click the image below to watch the video where he shares these words…

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Having a Family Integrated Perspective in a Non-Family Integrated Church.



We mentioned a while back about an upcoming webinar we were recording on the subject of “Having A Family Integrated Perspective in a Non-Family Integrated Church”. This has now been completed, following an article of the same name that Kris was asked to write for the NCFIC (National Centre for Family Integrated Churches) based in the USA.

In the webinar, hosted by Scott Brown (Director of the NCFIC) Kris, along with Craig Houston (who spoke at ENGAGE), and Jason Dohn (Pastor at Sovereign Redeemer, NC), discuss the article, and give practical pointers for families who would like to be part of an integrated church, but do not have that option.

Click here to view the webinar and article.

Upcoming Webinar

16903570_258895641204290_1521180550838747652_o.pngEternal Purpose Ministries/Psalm 12:1 & the Engage conference are working very closely with the newly formed FICANZ (Family Integrated Churches of Australia & New Zealand – see Facebook page for more info here).

I am looking at doing a webinar for families/individuals to address the question, “How Can We Have A Family-Integrated Mindset in a Non-Family-Integrated Church”.

The reason for this, is we hear from various families who desire to be part of a church in which their children are not segregated (for more on why this is a troubling issue, view this short video here).

Sometimes, the result of a family’s strong desire to have the best spiritual environment for their children, causes them to leave the local church altogether, or end up being divisive trying to convert the pastor/leadership around to their way of thinking.

As stated many times, we do not believe that family-integration is the central or primary aspect of a healthy local church, but rather that the church is to be gospel-centred, and seeks to exalt Christ from the Scriptures.

Therefore, we want to encourage another option that many families do not consider – that of having a family-integrated mindset in a non-family-integrated church.

How can you honour the leadership in your church, avoid being divisive, and yet find a workable pathway to remain in healthy fellowship with your family? This among other questions is what we will be addressing during the webinar.

Please let us know if you are interested in this content, and viewing the webinar. There will be an opportunity to ask questions ahead of time which will be specifically addressed during the webinar. Please also pass this on to any other families/individuals you think may be interested anywhere in New Zealand or Australia. We will keep you updated with information on when the webinar is taking place.

Blessings in Christ,