Incredible Opportunity for Homeschoolers in NZ…

I encourage you to abiz-opportunitydttend one of these meetings if you can. I just spoke with the Principal Todd, and we now have before us a “never-been-seen-before” opportunity to tailor the education of our children so they can most effectively serve God’s purpose for their life.

Here’s the info below, and the Home Schooling NZ website is here.



Flexible New Qualification Framework for Christian Homeschoolers

Home Schooling NZ has been serving the Christian homeschooling community in New Zealand for the past 33 years. Until recently, they were utilising the A.C.E. Certificate framework to enable students to gain recognised qualifications.

In July of last year, HSNZ’s overseeing body (the Christian Education Foundation Trust – CENZ) applied to Universities New Zealand -Te Pōkai Tara for recognition of their own university-entrance qualification, in order to free families from undue A.C.E. control.

This qualification has recently been approved, giving Christian homeschooling families the opportunity to now tailor qualifications at any level to meet each student’s specific wishes and requirements, including courses from whichever curriculum and whichever supplier(s) they wish.

The current Principal of HSNZ, Todd Roughton, will be visiting the Canterbury/Otago regions to share about the background to this new possibility, explain the options now available, and answer any questions in relation to it.

Meetings will be held at the following locations. All are welcome.


VENUE: Community Baptist Church, 14 Abbortsford Rd,

DATE: Monday, May 15th

TIME:  7:00pm


VENUE: 18 Level Street

DATE: Tuesday, May 16th

TIME:  7:00pm


VENUE: 16 Tyne Street

DATE: Wednesday, May 17th

TIME:  10:00am


VENUE: Church of the Resurrection, 40 Brookside Rd

DATE: Wednesday, May 17th

TIME:  7:00pm


VENUE: Unit 1, 48 Lismore Street

DATE: Thursday, May 15th

TIME:  7:00pm


VENUE: 58E Osborne Road

DATE: Friday, May 19th

TIME: 10:00am

Interview with Jeff Durbin

krisjeffJeff Durbin from Apologia Church was in town recently for an evangelism conference. He also preached at our church the following Sunday so after our meeting, I interviewed Jeff, and have posted the videos below. Jeff answered questions on Family Discipleship, the Local Church, and  Evangelism. The questions were asked with specific regard to Jeff’s role as both a pastor AND a father. I hope you enjoy the videos…