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bob_mccoskrie_1– Intro Message: “The State Of Our Nation” – Bob McCoskrie

SATURDAY (3 AUG 2013):


“What Impact Did Your Father Have On Your Life?”

“How Are Many Other Areas Affected When A Father ‘Get’s It’?”

“Tell Us A Recent Story Of A Man Who Chose To Step Up”

“How Important Is It For Father’s To Be Praying Dads?”———————————-
-Session 1: “An Urgent Call To Return To Biblical Fatherhood” – Kris Baines

– Session 2: “Hindrances To Biblical Fatherhood” – Jason Winslade

– Session 3: “Christ In Me, My Only Hope To Be A Biblical Father” – Dale Epp

– Session 4: “Biblical Fatherhood & Generational Vision”- John Winsley

– Session 5: “Biblical Fathers: Coming Soon To A Church Near You” – Kris Baines

Panel Q & A: “Church Life” 

Interview: “Biblical Fathers & Business” – Kris Baines/Jason Hall
Panel Q & A: “Fathers & Sons/ Fathers & Daughters”

– Session 6: “Biblical Fathers & Family Worship” – Jason Winslade

– Session 7: “Biblical Fatherhood Is The Only Way” – Kris Baines

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