A Family of Friends

A video interview via SKYPE with Kieron McGhie from the UK – exclusively recorded for ENGAGE 2016. Kieron used to live in NZ and homeschooled 3 of his 4 children here. In this interview Kieron shares the fruit he and his family have experienced, as a result of trusting God’s wisdom, over the wisdom of man. Being very transparent and real, Kieron’s words will be a great encouragement to home educating parents, particularly those who got saved later on in life, and those who are experiencing the challenges of building good relationships with their children. We hope you are blessed by the interview.


The Fruit of Wise Choices


Well there’s just under 2 weeks to go until ENGAGE, and I’m looking forward spending time with you all there if you can make it. This year our theme is “The Fruit of Wise Choices”. We will be taking time together to really focus on the need for us, and our families, to be walking in God’s wisdom. In the times we are living in, and the conditions within which we are raising our children, there is no greater need than our children to grow into young men and women who make wise choices, based upon God’s Word – our only source of true wisdom. Our example is one of their most effective teachers, so it will do us all good to refresh our perspective on the need to be making wise choices, how to make those choices, and what the fruit is when we do and when we don’t. Our prayer is that we will each be encouraged and equipped as we spend time in God’s Word, considering the things that matter most in life.

For more info/to register please visit www.engageconference.org.nz.

Teaching Children the Fear of God

Here is one of the 90 days of video devos from the NCFIC (National Center for Family Integrated Churches). These videos are being presented in the lead up to the Fear of God conference this October in the USA. In this devo, Joel Beeke speaks about how we can teach our children about the fear of God, through the characters we find in Scripture.

Training Children to Know the Fear of God — Beeke from NCFIC on Vimeo.

Please consider joining us for ENGAGE 2016 here in Christchurch, NZ as we look at our theme, “The Fruit of Wise Choices” and fellowship together as we hear God’s Word on various subjects related to our role as home educators, parents, and individual believers.

For more info visit – www.engageconference.org.nz