Let’s start a WORLDWIDE conversation about what it really means to be a godly man, and then LIVE IT!

The Resolution Revolution is a challenge for Christian men to unite, and read “The Resolution For Men” book by Stephen & Alex Kendrick beginning 6 Feb, 2012, reading ONE chapter per week, and then meeting/connecting with 1 or 2 other men each week to discuss the content of each chapter.

As the book points us to the Lord, to His Word, and to His Spirit as the ONLY means by which we can be the men God has called us to be – we can give ourselves a framework for discussion, and a point of reference for our walk with God, as men who have been called to LEAD, LOVE, PROVIDE & PROTECT. 

Are you keen? If so please do the following…

1) Purchase the book   for only $20 (approx cost)

2) Sign up on our “Resolution Revolution” list, to receive email
    updates/discussion pointers on the book (see embedded form below)

3) Choose a reading partner who is up for the challenge too

4) Watch “COURAGEOUS” 3 Feb, 2012 (more info to follow soon)

5) Begin reading “The Resolution For Men” on the week beginning 6 Feb,
    2012, meeting weekly with your partner



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